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Vocal Ease Studio Supplies 
Where You Buy Your Vocal Studio Supplies For a Song! 

Professional Tools Yield Professional Results

Our Mission:
   Vocal Ease Studio Supplies
are designed to help both the vocal teacher and the singer establish a solid vocal foundation that will enable one to sing throughout life with confidence.  These vocal products are excellent for private vocal teachers and coaches,  for choral groups, and for singers of all states and stages of development. Vocal Ease Studio Supplies were developed over 30 years of teaching, research, and experimentation.  The sparsity of useful vocal studio products gave rise to the supplies contained herein (see OUR HISTORY page).

Teachers love the thoroughness of the vocal technique book and test packet.  Students and teachers alike love the posters which contain all the plates from the technique book.  Parents, teachers, and students love the organizational aspect of the record book, the usefulness of the vocal exercise cds, and the simplicity of the Belters' Belt and balloons (see our PRODUCTS page).

The late Dr. Knudd Andersson of the New Orleans Opera Association said,
"This book deserves to be the vocal text used in every serious music school."

Contact and Ordering Information:

View our online shop at  www.vocaleasestudiosupplies.com.
To contact us:
email patti@vocaleasestudiosupplies.com.
phone (504)779-7464
mail order  Vocal Ease Studio Supplies
 7121 Glendale St.
 Metairie, LA 70003-3103

Items Damaged or Lost in Shipment

 The teacher and student have been given everything one can desire in the studio as a reference and help in advancing the study of voice.  This is why I cannot imagine ever wanting to return any item.  Items broken or damaged in shipment, will be replaced at no charge.  


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